welcome to coffee world

Our Concept

Coffee World is a friendly neighborhood coffee house serving a variety of hot and iced coffees with fresh foods, such as waffles, sandwiches and our signature cakes, muffins and cookies. We select the finest Arabica beans, carefully roasting them to be prepared into rich brews and chilled delights by our highly-trained baristas.

Just like our delicious coffees, Coffee World comes in a variety of sizes, all designed with the atmosphere and comforts of a family-style living room. Always looking to refresh our cups, Coffee World is always introducing new food and beverage creations for our valued customers.

Our Mission

To deliver to the world the most enjoyable selection of coffee and other beverages, complemented by deliciously prepared meals and snacks, in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our Origin

Coffee World launched in 1997, offering consumers in different countries and cultures an experience revolving around high quality beverages and delicious food complimented from its friendly baristas. At Coffee world we ensure the customer comes first, ensuring our products in each country are fine tuned as appropriate to fit local cultures and preferences.

Today you will find Coffee world spanning over 120 stores in 7 countries such as China, Thailand, Laos, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Bahrain. We are continuing to expand across national boundaries to reach more consumers with our welcoming stores and our superb products delivering a customer service that combines western efficiency and Asian warmth.

Our fast expansion and continued growth is supported by our dedication to the customer and coffee experience. Careful selection of the coffee beans and our unique roasting methods resulting in our Tri-Origin blend and our Love in a Cup barista centric training programs ensure the Coffee World experience is second to none.